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Stem Cell Recovery and Storage

Dr. Asdell is an enrolled Oral Surgeon in the StemSave network.  StemSave offers the ability to save stem cells recovered from teeth after oral surgery procedures.  By identifying teeth and tissue that contain viable stem cells,  the patient and Dr. Asdell can coordinate the extraction of a permanent tooth or wisdom teeth to recover stem cells and securely transport to StemSave's laboratory.

StemSave's laboratory extracts and recovers the cells from inside the teeth and assesses whether the cells are a viable candidate prior to cryopreservation. Cells that are not viable will not be stored.  Any cells that are viable are cryogenically-preserved using state-of-the-art technology and securely stored and monitored until needed.

Storing dental stem cells offers assurance to you and your family that you will have more options in future advanced medical treatments.  Currently, stem cells are being used in many life-saving therapies and clinical trials. 

For more information please visit StemSave's website or call our office at (574) 289-0080.