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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures (or simply implant dentures) are a type of overdenture that is held in place by dental implants. Conventional dentures rest on the soft issue and gain stability from contact and surface area, which is often not very good. Implant supported dentures can be used in either the lower and/or upper jaw. Upper jaw implant dentures will need more implants for adequate support, because of the density of the bone.

Patients with implant dentures can feel more confident because they are no longer worried about a denture that might slip out of place when they are laughing, talking or eating.  There is also no need to use denture adhesives.

Another advantage of an implant supported upper jaw denture is that an implant supported denture may not need to cover the roof of the mouth. The patient will have an improved sensation of taste allowing them to better enjoy food.  Implant supported dentures may look more natural than conventional dentures due to less plastic needed for retention.  Wearing an implant supported denture can improve the appearance of the patient.  Patients that wear conventional dentures may suffer from severe bone loss which causes the jaw to shrink and the face to have a "sunken in" look.

The success rate for this type of implant denture is over 96 %. The success rate for the lower jaw is slightly higher than that of the upper jaw, simply because the bone in the lower jaw is more dense.

Since the success rate of these implant supported dentures is over 96%, this means less than 4 % fail. Failure can occur for several reasons, including hyper function, infection, poor bone quality or just the inability of the implant to integrate correctly.

It is critical that strict oral hygiene be maintained. Many patients have not had teeth for a long time and are not used to brushing and keeping their mouth clean. Regular dental visits will be necessary to allow for appropriate implant care.

The long term advantages can prevent bone shrinkage and potential facial collapse.

We are excited about the opportunities’ available with dental implants.  Implants greatly increase the options for your general dentist and the work he needs to do to restore your teeth.  Your choice of obtaining implants will be one of the best decisions of your life!